Save Time & Money

A trip to the ER or urgent care clinic can be a hassle, especially when a member isn’t feeling well. It can definitely take a toll on their wallet. Teladoc provides members with 24/7 access to affordable and quality health care through the convenience of phone or video consults. No matter when or where the member needs care, a Teladoc doctor is available.

Increase Member Satisfaction

  • Quality care is only a call or click away. Members will receive a call back from a doctor typically within 10 minutes. Now that’s access to care!
  • 92% of Teladoc members resolved their medical issue with Teladoc. Unlike nurse-run call centers, Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication, when necessary.
  • Teladoc’s national network includes the highest quality U.S. board-certified doctors, licensed in your member’s state.
  • Members can use Teladoc from home, work, or on vacation. Compare that with taking a day off from work to sit in a waiting room.
  • Teladoc costs far less than urgent care or ER visits for non-emergency medical care. It also qualifies as an expense for HSA, FSA and HRA accounts.

Member Testimonials

“The doctor called me back within 30 minutes.”

“I was at work not feeling well but didn’t want to leave work. So I decided to call Teladoc. It was a wonderful experience! The doctor called me back within 30 minutes. I spoke with him for about 15 minutes and he wrote me a prescription that I was able to pick up on my way home from work at my pharmacy! It was very convenient. Teladoc saved me money and I didn’t have to miss time from work.”


“My son had an upset stomach.”

“One night my son had an upset stomach. I considered taking him to the emergency room but called Teladoc instead. The doctor suggested an over the counter medication and plenty of fluids. I’m thankful that I avoided the time and expense of going to the ER.”


“I couldn’t miss work…”

“I manage a fairly large sales organization with very aggressive monthly goals. We entered the last week of the month exactly on target to meet 100% of our goal. There was no breathing room, so every customer interaction was crucial. I am asthmatic and highly sensitive to sinus infections, so when a cold of any type sets in I have to respond to it immediately or I will end up with an infection that will render me useless. I started having all of my classic symptoms during this last week of the month and knew I couldn’t miss work, even for a Dr.’s visit. I requested a consultation, and within 3 hours, I had the meds I needed to prevent me from missing valuable time at work.”